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The Connection between being Overweight and getting Heart Disease


With the change of economic pattern across the globe, the change in lifestyle becomes quite inevitable.

This is perceived more from the regulated change in the eating habits. Regular milk and cereals for breakfast is giving way to high calorie sandwiches, doughnuts, burgers and the likes, and this change continues throughout the day. In short, proper regulated eating habits, which until now would be ruptured only on special occasions, is itself turning into a special occasion.

Being overweight and obese

Now one might say that they have skipped having extra cheese or bacon which would add extra calories to their daily diet but what they are unaware of is the fact that these ‘junk food’ is still very harmful for the health. Too much and prolonged intake of these, as known to everyone, makes one over-weight and turns them gradually into obese. Being overweight and obese is like inviting truck loads of diseases into the body.

In fact, obesity has been termed as a global epidemic in 2000 and Australia is not far behind in the list.

Around two in every five Australian adults is known to be overweight by a recent survey conducted by WHO. The long list of diseases which come as a part and parcel of being overweight and obese are gastric issues, diabetes, ischemic stroke, sleep apnoea, osteoporosis, heart diseases and even cancer.

The rate of being overweight is on an ever increase in Australia, with almost 4% of total burden of disease being the direct result of over-weight issues and obesity.

The problem has become such a massive problem that many are calling for government intervention.

Bundaberg is Australia’s fattest town with highest obesity rates

“There’s a de-skilling of a generation. Everyone (in schools) should be taught how to prepare and cook food,” said AMA boss Steve Hambleton.

“This should be in the national curriculum.”

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The Heart Disease and Obesity Connection

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is one of Australia’s most dreadful diseases with almost one Australian succumbing to it every one minute. Nowadays heart diseases have become almost synonymous to obesity. Earlier it was thought that fat had nothing to do with heart diseases but research has shown that it is one of the major reasons behind cardiovascular attacks and other related problems. Fat/Obesity has direct and deep impact on the metabolism of the body. Being too much over-weight affects the blood pressure of the body, the blood lipid levels and the ability to use insulin properly is hence hampered.

overweight and heart disease

Obesity is getting out of control in Australia

Similarly high cholesterol, which too is an aftermath of being overweight, is also prone to cardiovascular arrests and diseases. As a result of which the mortality rate has also suffered a huge blow. What is indeed shocking is the fact that the kids and the young adults are also prone to heart diseases due to being overweight. Previously a person was risked of heart diseases only after the completion of around forty years of age, now the statistics have reshaped itself, and this time for the worse.

Doctors are of the view that people with obesity are more likely prone to chronic heart diseases than any other normal person. And, this fact is not going to change for better unless people start taking extra care of themselves, do proper and regular exercise and avoid junk food as much as possible.