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How Much Will A Centennial Park Personal Trainer Cost?


When it comes to assessing the costs involved to enrol in any kind of fitness centre, it is important to not only consider the course fees but also what a typical work out or fitness routine would involve. This is a sure way of analysing the cost effectiveness and overall benefit.

Before hiring a personal trainer in Centennial Park for instance, members should not only compare rates to assess which type of fitness centre is better or more economical, they should understand how the pricing system works too.

Dan Clay, a fitness trainer in Centennial Park – say’s you only need 3 things to get in great shape.

“The truth is losing weight and getting in shape isn’t rocket science, in fact you only need 3 things to be successful.

1. Fun, high energy, highly effective workouts that will burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time… whilst adding lean muscle to maximize the thermic effect.

2. A diet plan that is easy to understand and you can use as part of your overall healthy lifestyle… rather than a quick fix that will ultimately make you put more weight ON as soon as you finish the diet.

3. The motivation, inspiration and accountability of a Centennial Park Personal Trainer that has helped thousands of people get into the best shape of their lives.”

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In short, fitness trainers are not necessarily expensive. You will incur a certain expense of course but since it provides so many services and benefits, on the whole it is money well spent. Learn how and why a fitness program cannot be considered an expensive option below.

Fees are comparable to other fitness options

If you are keen on losing weight, you will come across a host of workout regimes and options. Some people may choose to join a gym while others may be comfortable with the option of joining yoga or aerobics centres or even special exercise classes. Most of these places charge a fee for the service and in most cases these fees include a session that lasts an hour or slightly more a couple times a week.

However, personal training in Centennial Park charges fees that include many more beneficial activities at the same price range or one much lower.

fitness trainer in centennial park

A personal training session in Centennial park using the battling ropes and hills.

Fees include so much more

If you feel that the charges to join a fitness training in your neighbourhood are high, think again. If you pay for a fitness training, you get the benefit of regular diet and health related advice from well trained, experienced and qualified trainers. Furthermore, the exercise regime at a typical fitness training is varied thereby providing wholesome health benefits to the members. Other centres typically offer similar routines using similar machines, which may be useful in some ways but not as beneficial if compared to fitness training work outs.

Customization and attention

Nothing that contributes to your health and well-being can and should be considered expensive. The fee you pay your trainers offer so much more in return. For instance, not many other centres offer customized work out options based on your physical capacity. Trainers at fitness trainings teach exercise and routines after assessing the member’s capability to perform. This helps reduce the chance of injury while also leading to faster results overall.

Cost for long-term gain

If you pose a question asking yourself whether the fees for a fitness training are expensive, start by thinking long-term. If any amount of money you spend on physical training leads to long term gains, the fee cannot and rather should not be considered expensive. Personal trainers in Centennial Park will ensure that your routine leads to permanent weight loss while also advising you on ways to maintain your overall health.

In all, Personal Trainers are not expensive; the fee structure caters to a wide range of interests and fitness goals.