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Nutrition Before and After a Kettlebell Workout


What to Eat Before and After Your Kettlebell Workout Routine?

Food is fuel for your body and this is all the more applicable when you are working out regularly. People who exercise need more fuel but not any type of food will do. Kettlebell training workouts make your body go through different types of repetitive motion which requires a good amount of energy. You should therefore maintain a healthy; high nutrition diet both before and after your workout session.


Nutrition before your Workout

Often it is tempting to skip a pre-workout meal since you will anyway be burning all those calories. However, working out on a empty stomach is a strict no-no since it will impact your performance and overall stamina. All that strenuous exercise will sap your energy, leaving you feeling week and dizzy. You may not be able to complete your session or even pass out midway due to low level of blood sugar caused by low intake of food coupled with high calorie burning.

Carbohydrates are your best bet when looking for a pre-workout meal. Combine simple and complex carbohydrates so that the energy release is slow and steady and there is no dip in your energy any time during your kettlebell training session. You can also take some coffee or green tea for additional boost. The food you take before workout should be wholesome yet easy to digest so that you don’t feel bloated.

Try out a combination of whole-wheat toasts topped with fresh fruits as a healthy pre-workout snack. Whole-wheat is a complex carb that releases energy at a steady pace while fruits give you an additional spurt of energy.
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Greek yoghurt is also a great pre-workout option. Add some trail mix (without the choco drops; of course) for added nutrition and extra kick. It’s tasty; easy to conjure and bursting with quick energy.

Nutrition after your Workout

You will be ravenously hungry after an explosive session of kettlebell training. However, that does not give you the liberty to stuff yourself with just any kind of food. Here too, you should eat right so that all the fat your have burnt does not return. Post workout meals should be high in protein for maximum muscle repair and re-generation. Without adequate protein in your meals, your muscles will just waste away with all that exertion. You will also find it difficult to develop lean muscles without the intake of high protein.

However, do remember to consume low-fat protein rich food immediately after your workout since high density protein (such as a big steak) can be difficult to digest just after a hard exercise session.

Combine low-fat protein food such as chicken meat, turkey, fish, low-fat cheese or yoghurt with healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice or whole-wheat bread to make meals bursting with energy and nutrition. Add some boiled veggies that are high in micro-nutrients and essential minerals.

Try a healthy after-exercise meal of grilled chicken with mixed veggies. Chicken is an excellent low-fat food that is easily digested and provides good amount of energy. Vegetables are a rich source of minerals and vitamins that help maintain body function.