Who Can Join a Boot Camp Coogee?


The fitness world is replete with trends, fads and new fangled ideas. In all this clutter, group training has always stood out as an enduring option and have always commanded a loyal legion of followers. But this doesn’t mean that you run off straight to a boot camp Coogee before knowing what to expect over there. Learn whether the bootcamp regime is meant for you and then take the decision.

Are you of the correct physiological profile?

As a rule there is no age, gender or physiological quality barrier to signing up for a boot camp. However the problem arises only when you have a certain medical condition which restricts you from engaging in strenuous exercises.

If you have heart problem, high blood pressure or bone defects then consulting your doctor is advised before you make the decision of joining boot camp Coogee. Similarly if you are over the age of 35 and have mostly led a sedentary life then you need medical advice before you join a bootcamp. Coogee fitness boot camp trainers will anyway question you intensely about your medical history and body condition before they start you off on any workouts.

boot camp coogee

Boot camp Coogee is a fun outdoor workout designed for weight loss and muscle toning.

Do you the determination and will power?

Bootcamps in Coogee are meant for people who are serious about getting back in shape. If you only have sporadic thoughts about exercise but do not really consider it a priority then you need to question yourself “am I really meant for a bootcamp life?”

Similarly trainers at the bootcamps will instruct you on how to perform certain workouts and also point out mistakes (if any) in your exercise style. If you are somebody who cannot take instructions or respond to feedback in a positive way then life at the boot camp is not meant for you. You will need to have a decent amount of will power and determination to succeed in bootcamps.

What do bootcamp workouts involve?

Boot camp Coogee is heavily inspired by the American Army new recruit training program. These workouts are intense short activity based with ultra short rest spells in between. The exercises are programmed in a way that will send the body’s metabolism rate soaring up and the calorie burning rate on an overdrive.

There will be a variety of exercises starting from squats, lunges, push-ups, pull ups, sped biking, calisthenics and pyrometrics. The workouts demand the activation of all body muscles and you will literally hear your heart thumping out loud and feel the sweat dripping down your energised body.

How to get your doubts cleared?

By now you must have started quizzing yourself on your suitability for fitness bootcamp in Coogee. The answer is simple if you are honest to yourself. You should have the willpower to stick to your goals and commitment towards fitness in order to succeed. Even the most obese and unfit person can become fit after just a few months of bootcamp life. Unless you have some serious medical ailment there is no reason why you cannot do your body a favour by joining boot camp in Coogee.

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