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Nutrition Before and After a Kettlebell Workout


What to Eat Before and After Your Kettlebell Workout Routine?

Food is fuel for your body and this is all the more applicable when you are working out regularly. People who exercise need more fuel but not any type of food will do. Kettlebell training workouts make your body go through different types of repetitive motion which requires a good amount of energy. You should therefore maintain a healthy; high nutrition diet both before and after your workout session.


Nutrition before your Workout

Often it is tempting to skip a pre-workout meal since you will anyway be burning all those calories. However, working out on a empty stomach is a strict no-no since it will impact your performance and overall stamina. All that strenuous exercise will sap your energy, leaving you feeling week and dizzy. You may not be able to complete your session or even pass out midway due to low level of blood sugar caused by low intake of food coupled with high calorie burning.

Carbohydrates are your best bet when looking for a pre-workout meal. Combine simple and complex carbohydrates so that the energy release is slow and steady and there is no dip in your energy any time during your kettlebell training session. You can also take some coffee or green tea for additional boost. The food you take before workout should be wholesome yet easy to digest so that you don’t feel bloated.

Try out a combination of whole-wheat toasts topped with fresh fruits as a healthy pre-workout snack. Whole-wheat is a complex carb that releases energy at a steady pace while fruits give you an additional spurt of energy.
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Greek yoghurt is also a great pre-workout option. Add some trail mix (without the choco drops; of course) for added nutrition and extra kick. It’s tasty; easy to conjure and bursting with quick energy.

Nutrition after your Workout

You will be ravenously hungry after an explosive session of kettlebell training. However, that does not give you the liberty to stuff yourself with just any kind of food. Here too, you should eat right so that all the fat your have burnt does not return. Post workout meals should be high in protein for maximum muscle repair and re-generation. Without adequate protein in your meals, your muscles will just waste away with all that exertion. You will also find it difficult to develop lean muscles without the intake of high protein.

However, do remember to consume low-fat protein rich food immediately after your workout since high density protein (such as a big steak) can be difficult to digest just after a hard exercise session.

Combine low-fat protein food such as chicken meat, turkey, fish, low-fat cheese or yoghurt with healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice or whole-wheat bread to make meals bursting with energy and nutrition. Add some boiled veggies that are high in micro-nutrients and essential minerals.

Try a healthy after-exercise meal of grilled chicken with mixed veggies. Chicken is an excellent low-fat food that is easily digested and provides good amount of energy. Vegetables are a rich source of minerals and vitamins that help maintain body function.


Tips for Coping with Stress


Like it or not, stress has become an integral part of modern existence. Whether you are at home or office, there seem to be no escaping stress. Unending bills, family responsibilities, multiple chores, career demands and so many other things prey on your mind each moment that it is indeed difficult to lead a stress-free life.

However, this does not mean you are destined to live a life of chaos and madness. There are ways of coping with stress in an orderly manner even if you cannot change everything about your life. Planning your activities beforehand, picking up a hobby or enrolling for a physical exercise session with a personal trainer San Diego. There are plenty of ways that help you tackle stress effectively and successfully.

Know what Stresses you Out

Identifying and acknowledging the root of a problem is perhaps the best way of tackling it. Take a close look at your lifestyle and regular activities and habits. Try and prioritize them or segregate them under different categories such as activities at home, at public places, at office and so on.

Understand whether you get stressed out by the activities of other people or because of your own shortcomings. Is it a particular person at office or a particular chore that ticks you off? Are there ways you can reduce the workload at home? Is the reason of your stress a temporary occurrence? Understand and accept the reality so that you will be better coped to deal with stress.

Take Control of the Situation

If you cannot change your lifestyle or the people around you, at least try to take charge and alter the situation to your advantage. Do not procrastinate…rather try to do away with activities that are not so important. Work on your priorities (including some ‘me time’) instead of putting off things all the time.

Be ready to compromise a bit. Do accept that it is not possible for you to do or achieve everything every time. Express yourself instead of bottling up your emotions. Be assertive in a healthy way. Learn how to deal with people, how to anticipate situations beforehand and how to plan your activities so you can don’t always let situations or people influence you.

Enrol for a Physical Exercise Session

Regular physical exercise is one of the best-known and proven stress-busters. At Chula Vista personal training your coach can show you how to improve your physical and mental energy levels so that you can achieve more each day. While training under a personal trainer, you also learn specific de-stressing techniques such as yoga or meditation that help you to control your mind and thereby reduce stress levels successfully.

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Indulge in some ‘Me Time’

No matter how busy you are, you must always set aside some time for fun and relaxation. Depending on your personal preference this can involve a lot of activity or just reading a book or watching TV for some time.

Each day, try to do at least one thing that you enjoy. Even half an hour of stitching or washing the car can be highly relaxing for many people. There are many activities that don’t require much time or money. Such simple things take your mind off stress and help to refresh and rejuvenate you.


Shakeology Combined with Insanity or P90X, The secret weapon against excess fat


shakeology Cleanse resultsThese days, people are concerned with improving their diets mainly to feel a little healthier by dropping a little weight. Making improvements to your diet is a great thing, of course, but it requires tons of commitment because it’s tough to stick to it day in day out. It helps if you make little changes to your diet over time, instead of varying everything all at once – don’t ask me how I know. Just set out with eating less junk food, replacing it with something better. Below are a few tips for making your diet healthier:

When you really think about it, Shakeology Cleanse results is something that can have a tremendous impact depending on the circumstance. So it is not uncommon to find yourself doing a lot of research and decision making. You never really know what can occur should you ignore certain details, criteria and other aspects. If you want to maximize your ROI, so to speak, then you need to find out what kind of choices you have.

We know you want to choose what is right and ideal, and to that end we gladly give you some excellent guidelines regarding this subject.

You should never consume too much of any one food. The rule is, moderation is always more effective, especially when it is about what you consume. Make certain you eat enough carbohydrates as they’ll give you energy, eat a good amount of protein as protein will help build and repair cells and eat some fats as fat is important in your diet (just not too much and try to avoid the bad fats!) Fiber is important also – you want your digestive system to stay healthy and active.

insanity vs p90xKeep your food portions small. Today many of us binge because we are greedy, at least when it comes to food. We all tend to want to ingest big servings of food when we’re really, really hungry . . . and it always leads to that uncomfortable over-stuffed feeling. We are providing you solid pieces of info here, but do be aware that some are more important to understanding Insanity vs P90X.

But that can vary a bit, and it really just depends on how you want to use the information. Of course there is quite a lot more to be learned. The balance of this read holds much more that will help your specific situation. Even following what is next, we will not stop there because the best is but to come. Eating too much food means you’ll put on fat and your stomach will grow larger meaning you will begin wanting more food to feel fuller, which isn’t a good thing. You don’t have to slash your meal portions down to nothing, simply approach it gradually; take just a little less food each time until your stomach gets used to it, and repeat.

You’ve heard it all your life, and it’s true! Eating more veggies and fruit is a terrific thing to do. Your body requires the vegetables’ and fruits’ minerals and vitamins. Each and every day you must consume at least 5 servings of fruit or vegetables. That includes anything like apples, bananas, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, grapes, and more. It’s not too hard!

Did you know it takes roughly 20 minutes for your tummy to feel full? This means you should slow down your eating. We’ve all been there; we eat a big platter of food, a meal onto itself, but we’re not at all full so we find something more to eat. Then after another 10 minutes they feel absolutely loaded. So, take a seat, relax and relish your meal!

Certainly, sugar can make a great sweetness wherever you use it. What’s not to like? Since it’s in all kinds of unlikely foods, you can’t completely avoid it, but you sure can limit it. One thing you can do is to eat a good deal of nice, sweet fruit, or anything else that has less refined sugar. Given the option, choose a sugar free soda.

These few basic steps will get the ball rolling – you’ll be on the road to succeeding on your weight loss goals and better all around health. It’s quick and simply, as you will find. So, what’s your excuse now?


How Much Will A Centennial Park Personal Trainer Cost?


When it comes to assessing the costs involved to enrol in any kind of fitness centre, it is important to not only consider the course fees but also what a typical work out or fitness routine would involve. This is a sure way of analysing the cost effectiveness and overall benefit.

Before hiring a personal trainer in Centennial Park for instance, members should not only compare rates to assess which type of fitness centre is better or more economical, they should understand how the pricing system works too.

Dan Clay, a fitness trainer in Centennial Park – say’s you only need 3 things to get in great shape.

“The truth is losing weight and getting in shape isn’t rocket science, in fact you only need 3 things to be successful.

1. Fun, high energy, highly effective workouts that will burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time… whilst adding lean muscle to maximize the thermic effect.

2. A diet plan that is easy to understand and you can use as part of your overall healthy lifestyle… rather than a quick fix that will ultimately make you put more weight ON as soon as you finish the diet.

3. The motivation, inspiration and accountability of a Centennial Park Personal Trainer that has helped thousands of people get into the best shape of their lives.”

You can read more about it here:

In short, fitness trainers are not necessarily expensive. You will incur a certain expense of course but since it provides so many services and benefits, on the whole it is money well spent. Learn how and why a fitness program cannot be considered an expensive option below.

Fees are comparable to other fitness options

If you are keen on losing weight, you will come across a host of workout regimes and options. Some people may choose to join a gym while others may be comfortable with the option of joining yoga or aerobics centres or even special exercise classes. Most of these places charge a fee for the service and in most cases these fees include a session that lasts an hour or slightly more a couple times a week.

However, personal training in Centennial Park charges fees that include many more beneficial activities at the same price range or one much lower.

fitness trainer in centennial park

A personal training session in Centennial park using the battling ropes and hills.

Fees include so much more

If you feel that the charges to join a fitness training in your neighbourhood are high, think again. If you pay for a fitness training, you get the benefit of regular diet and health related advice from well trained, experienced and qualified trainers. Furthermore, the exercise regime at a typical fitness training is varied thereby providing wholesome health benefits to the members. Other centres typically offer similar routines using similar machines, which may be useful in some ways but not as beneficial if compared to fitness training work outs.

Customization and attention

Nothing that contributes to your health and well-being can and should be considered expensive. The fee you pay your trainers offer so much more in return. For instance, not many other centres offer customized work out options based on your physical capacity. Trainers at fitness trainings teach exercise and routines after assessing the member’s capability to perform. This helps reduce the chance of injury while also leading to faster results overall.

Cost for long-term gain

If you pose a question asking yourself whether the fees for a fitness training are expensive, start by thinking long-term. If any amount of money you spend on physical training leads to long term gains, the fee cannot and rather should not be considered expensive. Personal trainers in Centennial Park will ensure that your routine leads to permanent weight loss while also advising you on ways to maintain your overall health.

In all, Personal Trainers are not expensive; the fee structure caters to a wide range of interests and fitness goals.