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Boot Camp Queens Park Instructor Shares His Quest for The Truth in Fitness and Health


Chances are very good that you have established attitudes and thoughts about health-related issues. A lot of those things are sound and have actually helped us lead healthy and fit lives. As it concerns information in any area, the body of information will sometimes have to be revised to reflect new research findings, etc. These myths are just barely different than lies and are designed to get people to buy a variety of diet programs, supplements, and other products that are all being sold under the guise of helping you feel better and fitter. Here are three myths that you need to know the truth about from my experience at bootcamp Queens Park.

If you have been eating one single apple each and every day, well, it’s hard to say if that really helps eliminate the need for a doctor. Along with apples, you can combine them with blueberries and other fruits, and in this way it’s all excellent for health. This is not an attempt to say one is far superior than the next, even though this healthy berry is a powerhouse of all the good stuff you want. You can help yourself even further by putting some into some yogurt to create a truly healthy snack. Still, don’t discount the other fruits and vegetables that are out there because a balanced diet is a healthy diet.

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You can build up some specific areas of your body, but there are also some misinformation as it concerns things like spot weight loss. The primary standard for most is having a flat stomach and/or abdominal area, and then they focus on that and nothing else.

The truth is that the exact opposite is true because concentrating on just one area builds up the muscles but you don’t do anything to reduce the layer of fat you have in that area. You may have read about this by now but there are tons of people who are still clueless or maybe they are just lazy.

There is something about gluten and not eating it and then it has become connected to weight loss. Being gluten free is highly trendy right now, and the truth is, though, that even foods that are gluten free have calories in them. But some people have a negative reaction to gluten, and it is also some kind of stupid trend to be allergic to everything under the sun, too.

The biggest clue with losing weight is being active, and how earth shattering is that? People are just lazy, and that’s about it. One thing that is a good idea is consulting with a professional dietician, and this is where you can get from the horses mouth type of advice. While it is a great idea to read about current and past events, you have to keep things in perspective. Some things, though, are just false. Taking what you learned here and then applying it to what you already know will expand your base of knowledge. After you finish reading this article, then pop over to Bing and see what more there is about the topics discussed here.

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